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Tips to Prevent Your Blog Posts from Getting Copied

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Plagiarism is becoming a very serious problem for bloggers. In fact, anyone can easily steal blog content and re-post on their blog without any permission. Many of You want to know, How to Protect Your contents from getting copied?  This is one of the biggest mistake happen by bloggers (especially newbies). because they aren’t aware about plagiarism consequences.

We write blog posts to provide the best value to our blog readers.It took us time to write such educative & informative articles, Isn’t it?

But, the problem is that not everyone writes articles by themselves.Few of bloggers especially newbies & black hatters tends to copy the articles from other blogs, which is terrible. It’s frustrating when people copy your blog post or image and pass it off as their own. No thank you, no credit, no linkback.

Not only that sometimes those stolen articles ranks well on google than the original articles because of good DA&A (DomainAuthority & DomainAge) of thieves websites than your websites.

We can’t stop content plagiarism by 100%, but at least we can do some efforts to make it hard for thieves to steal/copy our blog posts. Tips to protect your blog posts from getting copied.

How your blog content is copied?

Below are some of the ways people can copy your blog content:

  • Select – Copy – Paste. This can be done using your browser’s menu, the right-click context menu or using shortcut keys.
  • Select – Drag – Drop. Text and images can be selected and dragged into another window.
  • Copy from RSS feed. If you want to copy an entire post this option is best. Scrapers love RSS feed because it delivers your latest post to them. They can copy all your latest content without even visiting your blog!
  • Copy from source code.

How To Find Out Who Is Copying Your Blog Content

You can simply pick up a line from your blog post and do a Google search with quotes ( “ Text here ” ) and find all copied content of your Blog.

3 Most-Common reasons of content plagiarism

1. It is easy to copy-paste anything, just a work of seconds.

2. Scrappers can scrap your  RSS-Feed.

3. Bloggers don’t use Watermark on their content pictures.

Then, How to safeguard your content from Copier?

Tips to Prevent Your Blog Posts from Getting Copied

#1. Disable Right-Click and Shortcut Key on your blog 

This is the easiest way for thieves to copy your article.So, by disabling Right-Click on your blog you can easily dispirit the scrappers to copy/scrap your blog posts. Although, still it is possible to copy the content through various methods but still by disabling it you can stop plagiarism by 70%, believe me.

We can disable right-click feature on WordPress easily by using Theset plugin in WordPress.

WP-CopyProtect [Protect your blog posts] Plugin

This plugin allows you to disable the right-click with the option to use or not use an informational pop up. There is supposedly no adverse effect on SEO by using this plugin.

WP Content Copy Protection

This plugin has more features than WP-Copy Protect and a pro feature allows even more customization.  As well as disabling right click keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL A, C, X, U, and P are also disabled. On most mobile devices the  ‘Hold to Copy’ function is disabled. You can also stop  your content being inserted into iframes on other sites and allow your content to be displayed only if JavaScript is enabled.

#2. Register your blog or site at DMCA

The DMCA .com is a Protection Badge guarantees that online criminals and content thieves hesitate before copying your original material. All you need to do is register and embed a DMCA .com Protection Badge on your blog/website.

when you embed this logo in your website it means your content shouldn’t be reproduced again on any other online platform otherwise Google can take down your website.So, it is enough to scare the shit out of Scrappers.DMCA-protected

Protect Your Website Protected, free! Register Now »

#3. Online Tools

Copyscape – By using Copyscape you can easily track the stealers/copycats who copy your content.This is not free service it charges five cents for each search.If you really love your content and don’t want anybody to copy you can go for this.

 Tynt – Tynt is a site that provides you with code to add to your blog’s head code. When content is copied and pasted into emails or social sites your blog your page url is included. Free registration is required and code is provided for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla and static websites.

#4. Setup Google Alerts for Query

Every time I publish a new post I setup a new Google Alert to send me a notification when either the exact title of my post has been republished online or a unique sentence from the post has been published.Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content

Google Alerts are very easy to setup and as a free service they are great way to monitor any positive or negative mentions of your brand or blog too.

#5. Tweak RSS-Feeds of Your Blog

Most of scrapper are powered with RSS platform.So, whenever you publish blog posts on your blog, then RSS feed of your blog gets updated & notify the scrapper about it.So, they can copy your article in few seconds & republish them on their automated blogs.

But by changing your full blog feed into partial feed your contents changes to the few words summary with [Read More] function.Which avoid automated blogs to copy your content & with this way scrapped contents don’t get indexed in Google.

#6. Watermark Your Content Images

You may just wish to protect your images and not your whole content. Images are widely copied by others, especially if they are indexed by Google Images and more recently, pinned on Pinterest.

Whenever you create your own image, then it is important to use watermark  on the image.So, that nobody copies your image.It discourages scrapper to copy your content images & even if scrapper shares it, It display your website watermark/logo which tells their audience that this image is copied from your website.

You can use Watermark WP Image Protect for this purpose.

Watermark WP Image Protect allows you to watermark all the images on your site. Unlike other watermarking techniques and plugins, the original images are unaffected and you do not need to edit or re-upload the images, it is done automatically for you on-the-fly.

#7. Register Your Work

Although your work IS yours when you press “publish” it does help to register it federally for extra protection. That added layer can make lines easier to get and the process easier in general.

* – You can register 3 months worth of your blog posts at time here for $45 a pop. And it could be very well worth it. This can be done online too, so it’s not too inconvenient (although the process is a little confusing once you start the process on the website. Just read the instructions well.

Now even if you’ve done ALL of the above, your work might very well still be copied. Let’s say someone does steal your content. Now what?

How to deal with a content thief

If you ever find a content thief then it’s important to remain calm and level headed. I know you want to grab them by the throat and shake them into next week but sending angry emails isn’t going to help you.

Firstly try to contact the site owner, sometimes they may not be aware the content was stolen so it’s best to be professional. If it is a good quality site then I might ask the webmaster to:

  1.  Give me an attribution link as the original source
  2. Allow me to rewrite the content in exchange for a link

Report copied content to Google

So once you have identified your copied content. Go to Google DMCA page and select web search or Blogger what ever is appropriate. Select web search when reported website is not on BlogSpot, else select BlogSpot.

Removing Content From Google

Here are direct links for different form:

Conclusion– Irrespective of how a lot work you set into defending your work, Scrappers and computer systems will steal it. The web is a copy machine.That’s the character of the beast. Which you could simply accept it, after which take measures to make it less damaging to your blog and your online business.

After Google panda updates it’s is highly recommended to protect your contents from getting copied by some number of websites, which may outcome as Google Panda.

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