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How to Create a Table of Content in WordPress Posts and Pages

Written by Aryan

Do you know? How to Create a Table of Contents for Your WordPress Blog? Did you ever want to add a Wikipedia-like table of contents box on some of your long articles? or Have you ever wrote a really long blog post and then realized a table of contents would come in handy to make it more user-friendly? A table of content makes it easier for users to jump to the section they want to read. It also helps with SEO, as Google automatically adds a jump to section link when your site appears in search results.

Although you can manually create a table of content by writing custom HTML, it can be difficult for many WordPress beginners. In this article, we will show you how to create a table of content in WordPress posts and pages without writing any HTML or CSS.Have you ever wrote a really long blog post and then realized a table of contents would come in handy to make it more user-friendly?

Not only does a table of contents allow a user to jump directly to the section they want to read, it also makes your posts more SEO friendly as Google automatically adds a ‘jump to’ section link when your site appears in the search results.

Table of Contents Plus plugin is small (and free) plugin that allows you to add a table of contents to your WordPress posts and pages but it also has the ability to generate sitemaps and visual indexes of your content.

Aside from using it in your posts or on your pages, you can also display it in a sidebar widget.

Let’s see how to add a table of contents to your posts.

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard, click on Plugins and search for Table of Contents Plus.

Table of Contents Plus Plugin

Step 2: Install the plugin.

Step 3: Activate the plugin.

Now that the plugin is installed and activated, there are some settings you need to tweak so let’s do that right now.

Step 4: Go to Settings > TOC+. You will be presented with the following screen.

Table of Contents Plus Plugin TOC+ SettingsTable of Contents Plus Plugin Settings

Table of Contents Plus comes with a few default skins. You can choose them under the Presentation option. There is also an option to create your own custom style for your table of content box.

How Does It Work?

The plugin will automatically generate table of contents for an article if it matches the criteria in your settings. By default it will generate the TOC if a page or post has at least four heading tags. These heading tags could be <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>,etc.

Table of Contents Plus Plugin Appearence Settings


If you want you can also display the table of content box in your sidebar widget. Simply go to Appearance » Widgets to drag and drop TOC+ widget in a sidebar. You can check the box next to ‘Show the table of contents only in the sidebar’ to display table of contents only in the widget and not in the post or page.

Best Table of Contents Plugin List

Table of Content Plus

This plugin will add the table of contents automatically to the post content without using shortcode in the top of post content by default. But there is also a shortcode and option to disable it. There are many nested table of content styles provided by this plugin and set the position to float right, left or none. We can also set the width and font size for it. A plugin settings page can be found the WordPress settings section. As an additional feature, this plugin can create sitemaps for all pages and categories. And, there is a widget if we want to display current post table of contents in a sidebar widget.

Table of Content

This plugin have a great feature to generate nested table of contents. We can set the first heading for the table of content, and it will scans headings through the post content and create the table of contents via shortcode. We can’t find this plugin settings page in the WordPress settings or plugin menu because it creates a menu page “SL Plugins” for its own. This plugin uses frameworks and will list all the plugin from the author in that menu automatically. Custom styles CSS can be added via plugin settings page and the plugin load the custom styles via PHP file. Currently support 9 translation ready to use, but we can translate it to our language from the plugin settings page. For using it, we will need to add shortcode [toc] anywhere to the content section.

Extended Table of Contents

This plugin automatically generates and inserts a nested numerical table of contents (ToC) to your pages and posts, based on tags h1-h6. Whenever the plugin discovers more than a certain amount of headings (default: 3) the ToC is inserted at the top of the page. This plugin also can handle posts that are divided into pages by the nextpage tag. Using shortcode [extoc] will generate the table of contents in the post content section. Currently this plugin supports two translation for English and German.

Indexa Table of Contents

Create a table of contents for any post types. The table of contents will be create if there’s a specified amount of headings with toggle style and smooth scrolling effect. We can specify the headings to include to the table of contents. Comes with fluid responsive and optional flat or nested list style in decimal or roman format. This plugin also give additional options to create “back to top” button, widget and shortcode for alternative placements, and custom CSS we can use to add our own styles. We can style it using color picker for many background or border colors. An option to disable ToC for each post, page or any other custom post types provided by this plugin.

We hope this article helped you add table of contents in your WordPress posts and pages. For feedback and questions please leave us a comment below.

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