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How to Start a Blog or Site : Quick Dummies Guide in 2016

Written by Aryan

Hello, friends today we are going to learn how to start or create a blog/site.  Creating or Starting a blog is Quick Easy and You can Create it from Your Mobile, Tablet or Pc. The Common Search is How To create a Blog we are going to learn about it. Before starting a blog, Some points that we have to remember for success in this field are shared in this post.

This is not a difficult thing to learn these methods because of easily explained posts and videos. Anyone Who wants to create different types of blogs for different purposes needs the different type of functions and themes. Some examples of blog types are- Music blog, Movies or video sharing, Hindi or English poetry or story type blog, Fashion or cooking blog, Gadgets blog etc..

How to start a blog: How to Create a Blog

So We are Going to Learn Step By Step Quick Guide to Start a New Blog in 2016.

You can check our Hindi blog Hindi Blog Tips that provides Hindi Blogging tutorials. Here we are sharing some points that make you a pro blogger in future from dummies.

Planning for future Blog

Future Planning for Blogging

1. Take a notebook/piece of paper and write down what the website is gonna be about. Draw out a rough plan of the website – What it’s about, what it needs, how things are gonna be done, what methods of monetization you’re gonna apply and how you’re gonna promote it. This is will make things clear for you.

2.Domain and Hosting for Blog It is good to know that you have finally thought to start a Self-hosted WordPress blog.After planning, go buy a domain and hosting.

If you are confused about a good domain for your niche check how to choose a good domain for your Blog or site.If you are confused about the hosting services please check our top 3 choice for your new WordPress blog.

Setup and installation

WordPress Instllation

Install WordPress on the weblog and get started with content. if you do not know how to install WordPress check here.Don’t even bother with SEO. You’ll see a lot of people throwing this fancy word, half was not knowing what it really so doesn’t even bother.

You don’t need to be an SEO-expert to get traffic to your site.

Content for Your Blog

Online Jobs Make Money from Home

Online Jobs Make Money from Home

Content is King so for this Just write good articles – 500-700 words each minimum and of good quality. (Something people would actually wanna read about). Try to explain big things via images. If you have the plan to create a gadgets lover blog then you can check here Top 5 things that make Your user love your Blog.

Social media

Social Media in Blogging

Social Media in Blogging

Social media play an important role in driving traffic for a new blog, So Create dedicated Social media accounts for your weblog and promote content there. This would build a good audience and you will have organic traffic flowing to your website. (SEE? No SEO needed).

Repeat the same for 2-3 weeks and you’ll have a really good reader-base. Then you try putting Ads or affiliate marketing or whatever it is you wanna do.

Extra tips

If you want to spend some money then go for social media promotions like facebook likes, Don’t trust those who say you that they will give likes to your blog page or anything.They are not real users that really want to like your page and visit your blog.They are temporary likes that are not good for you.Advertise your page, blog on facebook ownself.If you have money to invest then get paid ads. Good luck!

They are temporary likes that are not good for you. Advertise your page, blog on facebook ownself. If you have money to invest then get paid ads. Good luck!

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