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Event Blogging Tips for those who want to make quick Money from Event based niche Blog. Hello friends, Today we are Going to Learn about the Event Blogging. Event blogging helps to gain traction and visibility towards an event. By event blogging, You will make Money from niche sites created for events like New Year, Christmas or Valentine day, where the purpose is to earn quick money through AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Infolinks or other Network.

We all know Promoting an event blog is tough mainly because the same event won’t regularly happen unless they are regular seminars or workshops. Event blogging needs a different approach that is dynamic and responsive. In this article, I am going to Show You How You can do event Blogging and Make Over $1000. See How I Made $1000 with ShareAsale Affiliate Program.

So, Let us now follow the below mentioned complete guide for event based blogging.

Event based blog means, something that is supposed to be organized according to the trendy thing at a particular time which could be anything like the festival, nation days like Valentine day, etc. Choosing an event based blog as the niche for blogging is one of the best solutions to retrieve traffic easily within a couple of weeks.

What are “Event Based niche Blogs” in actual?

Make Money from Event BloggingIn Simple Word, Event based blogs are the blogs focusing on any upcoming event (Like New year, Valentines day etc.) which is specially celebrated all over the world. It’s Simple, Create and rank a blog following all the steps and receive tons and tons of organic visits to your blog during the event.

Event based niche blogs are those blogs that receive traffic on events only. Events can be of any type, for example, Valentines day, New Year, Friendship day, etc. The main purpose of these kinds of blogs is to earn the maximum amount of money within a very short period of time. However, you will have to follow proper off page and on page SEO techniques to get immediate success on it.

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How Can You Earn Money From Event Based Niche Blogs?

You can Monetize your Event blog in many ways:-

  • Adsense
  • Your own product
  • Infolinks
  • CPA offers
  • Chitika
  • Affiliate marketing
  • and many other Ad networks

How To Get Event Blogging Running? Event Blogging Tips 2016

Now let me tell you the procedure of how to get started with one such blog. It’s not very easy as it sounds but once you apply all steps properly then you’ll surely get success with it. 

  1. Get a domain name related to the event –Make sure you purchase a domain name related to the event you are blogging about.

For example: If you are making a blog on Valentines day itself then your Top Level Domain (TLD) must be like,

“” or “” etc.. 

There can be many such names chosen. What actually the benefit of this is that your site will be ranked First whenever someone searches for these keywords specially the exact keywords which are common to your domain name. So this is one part done into making a successful event based site.

  1. Post Title and Content- This is one the most important step that should be carefully followed. If you feel that just having the exact match domain name will take you top, then you’re completely wrong. You still have to consider about the content as well as the Title

Here are Some tips regarding your post

  • Your post title should be selected keeping in mind of what people will search. 
  • Try to involve the year in your post title.
  • Don’t disappoint readers by posting low-quality content. 
  • Make sure to do Internal Linking within your posts.   

Let me give you some examples of how the post and the title should look like. Try to make the title as such people will search.  

Example 1: Happy New Year Wallpapers 2014

Example 2: Valentines Day 2014 Sms

Example 3: Free HD New Year 2014 Wallpapers

I hope you understood this, now lets talk about the content. Creating content for such blogs is not at all a Difficult task. It’s quite easy Like in most of some posts you will be needing many pictures ( Wallpapers, designs, Gift Cards, Gif Images etc). So it’s really easy to collect such images from different search engines or you can create it yourself. I will soon post about how to use pictures from different sites with full rights. But for that you have to wait, so better google it for now.

One more important thing, try to take your post count to around 20-40. It will take very less time in creating posts and if you create at least 2 posts a day then you will reach the mark in just 2weeks.

  1. Link Building: Now comes the part of link building, apply various techniques of building backlinks back to your blog. Share content on Social Sites and Directory submission sites as well. 
  1. SEO: Make sure to do both OFF-Page as well as ON-Page SEO of your site. If you don’t know about it, You can hire an expert for the work.
  1. Monetization: The final part of your event based blog is to Monetize your site by Google Adsense (or any other of your choice). Try to follow all the rules of AdSense as no one would like to see a ban on it. If you don’t have AdSense and if you’re struggling to get one for yourself.

How To Create Backlinks For An Event-Based Niche Blog?

To create backlinks for an event based niche blog, you will have to look for various dofollow+Approve blogs & post your website links in their comments section. Once, you have done that, your blog will reach at the top within a very small timeframe, which is what you are actually looking for. I will personally recommend only three methods to create backlinks for your event based niche blog, namely:

  • Directory submission
  • Commenting on blogs
  • taking (sitewide links)

Everybody knows about these above mentioned 3 things, but nobody knows how can we look for blogs and directories to post our event blog links. Considering that, I will be sharing some easiest methods to find it out.

How To Look For Blogs To Comment Your Event Blog Links On It?

There are many tools online that you can use to find (auto-approve-blogs) for example, cognitive seo backlink checker tool and analyze (recommended) and AHrefs.

To create backlinks, you can also use free backlinker

If you are looking to do a detailed research on finding (Auto approve blogs), you will have to purchase the paid accounts of any of the tools mentioned above. I have used Cognito SEO myself because it’s extremely easy to use and also very cheap. So, let’s start finding auto approve blogs with the help of Cognito SEO.

To find blogs to make backlinks, you can either use DropMyLink or OpenLinkProfiler. Working on DropMyLink is easy so I am not explaining it. Just visit DropMyLink and you will came to know about its working process without any assistance. Let me tell you something about OpenLinkProfiler. This is an online tool which shows freshest backlinks of a website.

You can use this tool to see on which blogs your competitor had commented. Then you can also comment on same blogs to get same good results. One small tip for you, just comment on those blogs which are having more than 80% Link Influence Score (LIS). LIS is based on the quality and number of links that point to that website. A low LIS does not mean that the backlinks made on that blog will be treated as bad, but to be safe and to get good results comment only on 80%+ LIS blogs.

  • First of all, look for some (event niche blogs) that get the good amount of traffic during the time of events. Find at least 3 to 4 blogs and make their list.
  • Once, you are done with your list, go to (cognitibe SEO backlink checker tool) to analyze the backlinks of those blogs. You might find many unseen blogs in it, if you don’t have prior experience of niche blogging.
  • Copy down the URL’s of the blogs that you have found while analyzing different event based niche blogs.
  • Visit each one of them and you will find blogs that are having (good PR) and auto-approve+dofollow comments.
  • Now, you need to create backlinks on the blogs. It’s actually called spamming! If you are working on event niche, you will have to make quick backlinks for it, which can only be done with the help of unlimited spamming.

How To Look For Directories For The Submission Of Your Niche Blog?

It’s a very tough job to look for directories in which you are going to submit the links of your niche blog. Let me tell you few ways to do that.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit some (event based blog URL’s, within those blogs, you are gonna find “reciprocal links” to directory sites in the footer or the sidebar.

  • Visit those directories one by one and submit the URL’s of your niche blog.
  • Also, give (reciprocal link) to those “directories.”
  • Submit at least 5 to 6 directories per day & start this process 15 days before the targeted event.

Sitewide links:

sitewide-linksSitewide links are placed within the website’s sidebar. These type of links will help you to rank your keywords quickly. Yes, you heard that right! Let’s suppose, if any website has got three hundred posts, its rank is PR5 and you’ve got a sitewide link from this blog, the search engine will count it as three hundred plus backlinks of your blog! The reason why search engine will consider it like this is that your blog links will be shown on every single post in that particular blog within the sidebar. Many people like me used to think that it’s a tough job to look for blogs to get (sitewide links) but that’s not the truth.

This is the quickest way to look for blogs in which you can insert sitewide links of your event based blogs.

How to get ranked in Search Engine for An Event based Niche blogging?

When you talk about the Search Engine Optimization and getting ranked in google and the other SearchEngines like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex etc. You should must keep in mind that you have to build more and more backlinks to get better and higher ranking in Search Engines.You need to get some Dofollow blogs and post the link of your site in those blogs in the comment section when your comment will get approve then you will get a backlink.And it is very important to get backlinks for getting 1 position in Top 10.But I want to share my methods with which I get backlinks.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Directory Submission
  • Yahoo Answer
  • Social BookMarking

Extra Tips to Ensure 100% Success in Event Blogging

  • Use Blogger Platform rather than WordPress as Blogger platform will help you rank your posts well on top and in no time. 
  • Start the work at least 1 month before the Event.
  • Try to run this in partnership with your friend. 
  • Make some other blogs with event keywords on Blogger and WordPress. Don’t worry, you can use sub-domain too. Then post 4-5 articles on it for event and in each post add a link to your main event blog with some good anchor text. This will help you to get some traffic and rankings in SERP as well.
  • Make sure to Index every post using Google webmasters as well as other webmaster tools.
  • Work with Dedication and don’t take it lightly as this topic is quite trending around the blogosphere.
  • At last Sleep well on the Event night and have a good morning with $$$$ on your Adsense account as well as other affiliate accounts if you’ve set any.

Quick and Short Guide to do Event Blogging -Event Blogging Tips

1. Directory Submission

You need to submit your blog url to different type of directories.If the event is world wide event, I prefer you to submit your URL to minimum 50 Directories. If the event is national wide event, then you can submit your url to minimum 25 directories.


The easiest way to get backlinks is through Blog commenting. Blog commenting can be done in many ways.

  • Comments from High PR blogs
  • Comments from Responsive blogs
  • Comments from Auto approved blogs.

Try to get maximum no. of backlinks from high PR and DA blogs. Search for auto approved commenting blogs and get backlinks from those blogs. Auto approved commenting blogs will always boost your blog rankings. For this type of blogs, get backlinks from all posts in that blog ie., do commenting in all posts.

3. Sitewide Links

Getting sitewide links from your long term blogs will boost your blog overnight. If you have long term blog with 500 posts, then you will get 500 backlinks to your event blog overnight. Get this type of backlinks just before 2-3 days of the event. Sometimes it may effect your long term blog.

4. Forum Backlinks

This is little bit difficult to get backlinks when compared to other. You need to search for high PR forums and get backlinks from those Forum. Bloggers who are active in forums will easily get backlinks.

5. Web page Submission.

Most of the blogger are unaware of this. You need to submit your blog to various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Don’t neglect this. This will help you to get traffic from various search engines. I suggest you to don’t target only Google search engine.

Most Important Tips to Rank your blog on Event Day

  • Start a blog before 45-60 days of an event
  •  Template/Theme/Design of a blog should be responsive and easily navigable.
  • Choose the domain name which contains your event name keyword.
  • Develop your blog using blogger platform.
  • Write posts with proper On-Page-SEO
  • Link back your posts to every post in your blog
  • Get backlinks from High PR and DA blogs
  • Get Sitewide links from high PR/DA blogs just before 2-3 days
  • Build backlinks from every post on Auto Approved commenting Blogs.

Most of you are well known about those methods of getting Backlinks.But you need care about lots of things.When you are going to post any article for getting backlinks or going to comment anywhere for getting Backlinks.You must know about the latest updates of google.What kind of backlinks you need to get ranked very quickly. You have to keep in your mind that google is watching you every time. You do not need to spam otherwise Google will kick you out and you will never get Traffic from Google. Always use white hat methods for Event Based Niche blogging.

So these were some tips and advice which I would like to give to those bloggers who are going to do event niche blogging. There are many more things which you can try on event blog. As I said earlier, that main thing which helps you to get success in blogging is Experimenting.

Event Niche Blogging can teach you many new things, which you can later apply on your main long term blog. Event Niche Blogs are made for short term period, so don’t hesitate to do something new on it. I tried my best to cover all the main points in this guide. Hope you have liked it. If you’ve, any additional tips don’t forget to mention it out in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this article with your online friends and followers. If You have any question then feel free to ask in comment Box.

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