Top 5 Proven Tips How You Can Increase and Boost Blog Traffic

Written by Aryan

Once in Blogging Journey, We’ve all been there or that situation. We’ve hit publish on our latest blog post and expected the comments and shares to start rolling in. But instead we get… what? Guess it. nothing. It seems that no one has even seen our beautiful article, let alone read it and thinking negative about ownself. A piece of tumbleweed seems to blow across the screen and it feels so lonely out there on the World Wide Web…

We all know that traffic is the most important thing for a blog and all bloggers who want to Increase and Boost their Blog Traffic and If your blog will not get traffic or getting very low then you can’t earn a profit and your blog will not rank higher in Blogging Journey. This is the main reason many of the Bloggers leave blogging because of low traffic on their blogs so to help themselves. Never think that you are alone we are with you and we will help you as a friend. In this article, I am going to Show You the right way to attract Traffic and Boost Your ranking in Google and other search engines.How-to-Increase-and-Boost-Blog-Traffic---Daily-Blogger-Tips-Tricks

You Know how do i get more readers for my blog? Read this How to generate blog traffic with 5 tips and Increase blog traffic of any blog. Build blog traffic Tips.

How To Increase Blog Traffic?

So, You want to know how to Increase Blog traffic? But before getting into the post, I will like to point out that having millions of visitors per month is not important unless they stay on your blog and engage with you and other readers. Such visitors don’t do you or your blog any good and will only increase your blog’s bounce rate. But if you have visitors that share your content and engage with you in all your posts then that’s the real traffic for your blog. The real traffic matters because Huge traffic is Only a showcase. It doesn’t matter if these visitors’ count doesn’t touch even 1000 per day, but at least you have a targeted audience who takes action.

So in this post, I am going to share with you some of the really simple ways to increase your blog traffic. I have personally used this strategy to increase the traffic on a new blog. The traffic is not in the range of thousands of visitors but it is still increasing and I am seeing positive results on it. So what did I do with it? Let’s see!

Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Content Marketing: That Really Increases Blog Traffic

Content marketing is the next big thing although it is already however in coming months it will be more dominating in the internet marketing.

Those days had gone when bloggers used to rank at the first page of Google with the Thin contents, i.e., low-quality contents.

1. Use Low-Competition Keywords for SEO Rich Contents (Articles)

This is the one thing that you will hear whenever you ask the question to increase your blog’s traffic. But it is true and it has been proved time and again.

You can write on anything but, if no-one is looking for that stuff then, it won’t make any difference, literally. Read seo content writing or How to Craft a Perfect SEO Rich Blog Post

You’ve to analyze your niche and audience for the better organic traffic. Before, you start your content you should know the potential of your keyword.

If you’re writing for the keyword that gets 50 searches a month then, it will not make any difference. You need to write  for keywords that get at least 500 to 1000 page views a month.

Head over to Quora (A question answer site) and plug-in the main keywords (should be relevant to your blog topic)

You’ll find some quick questions that people want to get answered. Your main keyword can differ from the question title but, it is not the case. Look at the question archived when I searched for ‘blogging tips‘.

Search - Blogging tips - Quora

The unique Your title the more visitors will attract. By using low-competition keywords and by providing high-quality content for that keyword, you are forcing Google to rank your post on the top of the search results for that query and other related queries.

Now, paste this question simply in the keyword planner & you’ll get results. You can modify the question for the better analysis. Here I got the keywords for the content.

These keywords got the pretty good searches & If I squeeze the primary & secondary keywords in the article  then I’ll have a content that gets pretty decent monthly searches.

Keyword Research for Blogger Tips for new Blogger

A compelling title will do rest of the job. And with proper keyword optimization, you’ll be ranking for the primary keyword as well Secondary keywords. Titles that Can be used are:

  • Blogging Tips For Beginners: Learn Best Blogging Tips.
  • Winning Tactics For blogging tips: A Complete Guide For Beginner.
  • How To Blog: Best Blogging Tips For Beginners.

Now, that you’ve got a keyword & topic to write your next blog post so your next target should be compiling an SEO Friendly Content.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research then you need to go to Google Keyword Planner tool and enter any term in your niche.Keyword-planner-demo-to-find-ideas

Let’s say you enter the term – “Create a Project”. This is a really broad term and there are hundreds of authority sites ranking for this keyword so using it for your next post would not be the great idea. However, if you scroll down and see in the keywords list, you are going to find many different keyword variations with low competition.

Always Be Unique about digital contents. Remember never copy anyone, be unique and you can easily be viral with your content.

2. Keep Your Content Updated

The more you update the more you will get because everyone wants the things updated even it is a game installed in Your Mobile. You write article daily then the volume of loyal readers of your blog will increase. Daily you write the new and your readers are also interested to read like everyone wants the fresh food not the 2-3 days old food.

People always want to know first, Anything that’s needed by a person of a category and if you are able to provide the same, You will never fail in this world.

Now, You have to do it to maintain your readers and visitors. But HOW?

People go through your latest post and they liked it then he/she will definitely re-visiting your blog. By this, you got a new visitor to your blog but if you don’t update and that same visitor came to your blog and didn’t get anything new then he will not be returning again to your blog. So It is always recommended to Update your Blog regularly.

Note: I will recommend you to do Interlinking of your articles that makes your posts more visible and reachable to your readers.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is the most complicated thing and at the same time the most easiest thing in the blogging industry. Its the toughest because if you are not able to understand it, you won’t be able to get its concept ever but once you get an idea of how SEO works, you will be able to rank anything you want to.

Now since we are not going to target some high-competition keywords, we are not going to get into advanced SEO like Private Blog Networks or other tactics that require you to invest money. For low-competition keywords, on-page optimization is enough to rank your posts. You can use some of the best SEO plugins to do that task for you.

Following a simple SEO checklist, you will be able to give your new blog a boost and see an improvement in the search engine rankings and with every new post you publish, you will see it hitting the first page within days.

4. Use Social Media, Blogging Communities

There are various different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc. and these are just a few of the best traffic sources. But when you are looking to increase your blog traffic, you need to do some research and find out which network will give you the most traffic.

But, you’ve to keep few things in the mind so that you can make the most out of it.

Tweak the Headline: You need to learn this art. One doesn’t simply get the Good CTR without tweaking the headline for social media.

For Example, Instead of writing headline like ‘How To Increase Your Blog Traffic’ I can write:-

  • 15 Effective ways to Increase Blog Trafic.
  • How To Increase Blog Traffic: 7 Untapped Ways.
  • How To Increase Your Blog Traffic– Even If you Suck at it.

So, these are the few showcase of better headlines that actually makes people click on your article. Nevertheless, if content quality is good then, it gets shared on the Internet hundreds & thousands of time which is needed to increase the blog traffic.

If you have created a site for sharing content that can go viral like Buzzfeed or ViralNova then you need to concentrate on using Facebook to get traffic. Facebook will be the best source of traffic if you are publishing viral-type posts.

Blogging Communities

Blogging Communities are the places where you can easily share your content and let other bloggers know about your latest post. They will then upvote your posts and even share them with your readers.

Share your views with the author of the post, engage with other readers, ask some insightful questions or correct the author if he/she has made a mistake in the post.

This way not only the popular bloggers will notice you but you will get the attention of their readers too. They will surely pay your blog a visit and start engaging with you too.

5. Build The Backlinks: The Beast to Increase Blog Traffic

Yeah, you hear it right. Backlinks are the beast & real stuff to increase blog traffic. You can publish contents & promote them right away. But, they will not retain the traffic for the longer time because you didn’t build links that require for rank on Google.

Backlinks are the real stuff. You need to build them right now otherwise, you’ll never get a chance to rank #1 on Google.

So, let’s dive in and figure out how you can build some effective backlinks that will help you to increase blog traffic

Guest Posting

Guest blogging is the real deal. It doesn’t only gives you backlinks (that matter) but, it also helps you meet the new audience & the audience which is highly-qualified for generating the leads.

So, how to do it in a right way?

a) Find The Authority Blogs Within Your Blog Niche

b) Read Their Guest Posting Guideline (Make sure they allow at least 1 do-follow backlink)

c) Contact Them With Your Article Headline/Topic.

d) After permission, Write a pitch-perfect article that serves their audience.

After publishing the post, you can enjoy the referral traffic & moreover, you’ll see a jump in your blog’s article in SERP that will increase your blog traffic.

Backlinks Through Infographic

Infographics are yet another popular & effective ways to build backlinks and increase blog traffic through referral pipelines.

Sites like Mashable, Tech crunch, Entrepreneur & many more uses infographics. Why?

Well, the answer is pretty easy. Infographics, do very well. The Audience loves them & share them. Moreover, webmasters also love them & link them that eventually help you gain popularity & quality backlinks. Hence, rise in blog traffic & stats.

But, yeah! They are not easy to create. They need experience & efforts. But, you can hire an infographic designer from marketing sites like fiverr & SEOclerk.

If you’re interested in building Infographic yourself then, here are the few tips that you should keep in your mind.

  • Great design. If your infographic has an eye-catching and outstanding design, you are up for a good start.
  • Well researched and statistical data perform well. Infographics are a visual representation of data. A good infographic has to give useful and researched statistical data about popular topics.
  • Outreach and promote the infographic. Just like the regular content, simply by publishing an article, you won’t have much success unless you do your best to promote it.

Broken-Link Building Method

Broken Backlinking is another good way to build backlinks that too from high authority sites. Therefore, this method is very famous. One backlink from the authority site can wonder your website’s SEO & You will notice the exciting changes in your blog traffic.

So, what basically it is?

Broken link building is a link building tactic where a marketer/blogger contacts a webmaster who has a broken link on his/her website and suggests one or more alternatives that carry his/her target site.

Now, to use this tactic you’ve to find relevant sites to your niche that you can easily. Else you can find relevant sites with these footprints.

  • your keyword + links
  • your keywords + resources
  • keywords inurl:links

Now, visit the articles published years back (more chances of finding broken backlinks) on that website.

To find broken backlinks in an article, Install this extension ‘Check My Links‘ & run it. It will quickly give you results.

Check My Links - Chrome Web Store

The next step in the broken link building process is creating content that matches or improves upon the broken page. After creating the article just send a message to the website owner/team.

Pitch them a well looking & professional mail. Here is the formula I, myself use. suggested by Brian Dean.

Hi (site owner name),

I was just browsing around your resources page today, and among the lists of great resources, were some broken links.

Here’s a few of them:




Oh, and I have a website,, that also regularly posts quality content related to whatever. If you think so too, feel free to post a link to it on your resources page.

Either way, I hope this helps and keep up the good work!


Share More Than Once

Many of us have the mentality of “share once and forget”. Yes, it is common in peoples. We publish something on our blog and distribute it across all our social media channels once and engage with another work. But what about all those people who missed that initial communication? That’s why You should share the post URL time to time and various platform.

A much better solution is to share each blog post multiple times, depending on the platform, in a timely fashion. For example, you might tweet, Facebook share and Google+ you article as soon as you hit publish. Then a day later you might want to tweet it again. Perhaps the following week it’s time for another Google+ share, and so

Image credit: KISSmetrics

Some would call this spamming your audience, but I would say it’s more like giving them the value you’ve promised them. The time difference between two articles will work great. No one notices every little thing you do online, and by sharing more than once you’re just making sure no one misses anything.

However, you should definitely make sure not to publish the same message on social media more than once, as this does come across as spammy. Instead, deploy a range of different tactics to catch your reader’s attention. So try to edit the Msg given in a post, Changing the writing style will help you to Build Some Good Audience and helps you in ranking.

Over to You:

So that was everything that I did and I still do to increase my blog’s traffic. Now I am asking you to share some of your best tactics you use to increase your blog traffic.

Last words

To increase blog traffic, there’s nothing a trick increase blog traffic by the night and I am not going to share with you some black-hat techniques that will harm your blog in the long run. Everything that I have mentioned is my own personal experience and I have seen amazing results again and again.

First few months of blogging are crucial. You need work hard as well as smart. Building articles will help you build the audience. Promoting the content will help you to get social-signal.

Not only have I been using these tactics to increase my blog traffic from a long time but also I have been recommending it to all my friends who have started blogging after they saw me do it.

If you like this post & find it worth then Share this article with your online friends and followers. I would love to hear your views on this so please share your suggestions to increase blog’s traffic via the comments box, thanks!

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